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We are 3 friends who love fashion.
We wear what we believe best expresses our identity and unique experience. We walk confidently in our idiosyncrasies.
It was only recently that we started expressing ourselves through fashion and clothing. Upgrading our wardrobes with a vision that was once only a dream. We understood that there is potential in the fashion industry for us because see ourselves as craftspeople for our own expression. But we aren't fashion designers, we aren't qualified academically in the arts of tailoring and design.
We are entrepreneurs with our fingers on the pulse. We feel the beating heart of culture and sartorial expression and we envision its diverse future. We are innovators of a kind that seek opportunities and reciprocate. When we saw the opportunity of starting our own brand, the idea was to subvert the expected. People have been dressing the same for four decades now. Google doesn’t lie.
We aren't the usual. We are new. We are the next generation of dreamers and want to bring forth a revolution to this world.
When we created the loopholes, we saw a possibility to start the next generation of clothing accessory brand. India's evolution to clothing accessories, an evolution to accessories that make a separate statement on your clothes. We don't want to duplicate, we want to innovate. This is how Dyeve was born. Born in our hands and raised for you and the world as our audience. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted products and stay with us in the future as there is more to come and even more to dyeve into.

With alot of pride, we would like to inform the public about loopholes being officially a “patent pending” product as we have applied for a design patent under the section 5 of design act 2000 of India. We are expected to receive approval for the same in a few more months which will grant Dyeve Designs all the legal ownership powers over the design and aesthetic of loopholes.

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