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This is a great opportunity for the public to gain knowledge about these artists that we first worked with to bring out a loophole that they created from scratch! yes you heard that right! these artist got 100 percent freedom to create their own loophole! so here are the artist write ups that define themselves.




A student at the Bengaluru School Of Visual Arts, pursuing visual arts, specialising in painting.
It's been three years now at CKP and I consider myself a learning artist, born and brought up in
the rain and traffic of Bangalore.
I'm Jyothika,
I love Graffiti, painting, spray painting, sculpting and tufting. But most of all I love the dogs of our
city streets.
Stray animals have a special place in my heart and I've done my very best to take care of the
dogs in the neighbourhood. I've rescued about a few dogs over the years and with my license
from AWBI. I can feed strays without any hassle. My work on the loopholes is connected to what
I'm most passionate about and hope people love our UU (Urban Underdogs) as much as I do :p
My art is a playful blend of the world around me and the rich imagination of my mind. Art is my
answer to bridge the two and make sense of where I stand in so large a society/universe.
To do so, one of my many mediums is photography; wherein I use it to document my fascinations
in my unique perspective, from dogs, and sunsets to the everyday lives of people around me.
Colour is essential to my perception and carries a lot of emotion. I use them carefully and create
forms that complement as well as contrast each other.
I'm hungry to learn new things and I love to adopt ideas and do it 'my way'.
One of my favourite projects is called "fix my melancholy"
The design of the loophole is a very dog-themed loophole, im interested in charity work for every
loophole people buy, a certain amount will go to the dog's rescue and shelter.
The name " POPDOG " comes after the pop colours with the drawings of urban underdogs.



send q

SEND' aka shariq Rahman, Luru born and bred.
im a graffiti artist and an entrepreneur. my tag "SEND" is probably the most bangalorean thing,
its interpretation is open to the eyes of the beholder.
my biggest inspirations are from sources like anime , old school hip hop, classic comic art and pop culture. send it and send life.

Your biography?

My artistic journey started off as a product designer in university, where the creative side of things were a little more structured. Slowly but surely as an entrepreneur setting up my first brand/retail store LBB CYCLES delving into the multiple skills need to make it work, i picked up a paint brush and decided with my best friend that our space needed have art on the walls.
So of we went and started painting. It was then that i realised that art was more about flow and expression than the structure i was used to. A few months later i saw some really awesome graffiti next to my house, it was a calling or you could say something really clicked. From that moment I knew that life had new plan in store for me, and there began the journey of SEND.

A recent project you worked on?

Recently, I organized a graffiti workshop for school children through my startup, Visualeyes. It was
a fascinating experience to engage with young minds and introduce them to the world of graffiti.

A small paragraph about your personality?

Well.. i feel i embodie a captivating personality that combines creativity, charisma, and a laid-back demeanor. Sometimes I feel my relaxed vide creates a sense of ease and comfort, making it was to chill and connect with.

Your favourite project?
As a commercial graffiti artist / muralist my work is never the same, so i feel every project i work on is a new learning experience and a journey. But one of the projects that stand to me is a mural i did in Dubai for a indoor badminton complex. Definitely a stand out for me.

PHOTO-2023-06-18-14-29-52 (1).jpg



1. Inspired from Graffiti and Popart
Its Says Left in Wildstyle and Simple Tag handstyle as well.
2. Left . Graffiti artist representing kerala. Also streetwear designer .
Mainly focused on Lettering and Graffiti. Trying to portray a mix of Indian Culture and Graffiti.
Worked with Costa Coffee,Adidas, Budweiser etc.
4. Left x Superkicks Apparel Collab
5. Adidas Zx Boost Campaign, Upcoming Tshirt Drop ( Local Teashop)

left hander



Ridhii Paul is a Bangalore based Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Designer who runs her own Homegrown studio ‘Dame & Max’.
Over the past decade, Ridhii Paul’s unique Graphic Design and Design Language has become part an indelible part of the city of Bangalore from places like Restaurants, Event Spaces and Hotels featuring her work. More recently, her continued work with brands and companies across different streams has also put her in a position where she is one of the leading Tastemakers in India’s ever growing Youth Culture.

rdhii paul



1. A brief explanation about your art.
My artistic journey revolves around exploring the unseen while maintaining a sense of familiarity. I
would describe my art as futuristic surrealism, inspired by the concept of existing in an alternate
reality within the vastness of space. When I create, my mind travels to these imaginative places. I
incorporate psychedelic and soul growth elements into my art, combining geometric shapes with
organic natural elements to create captivating doodle-like artworks.
Regarding the artwork created for "Loophole," it represents a small element from my psychedelic
universe. It features mushrooms that seem to gaze back at you as you gaze at them.
2. Your biography.
First and foremost, I identify myself as an artist and possess an intense desire to shape my life
into a work of art. I firmly believe in striking a balance between passion and profession, as both
contribute to personal happiness. Having recently obtained a Master's degree from the Institute of
European Design in Milan, I grew up in Singapore and have worked in various cities across India.
Currently, I am freelancing and embarking on a startup venture with my partner called Visualeyes,
which focuses on art facilitation.
3. A small paragraph about your personality.
If you were to meet me, you would notice my curly hair and infectious gummy smile. My
personality can be described as vibrant and colorful. I strive to infuse creativity into every aspect
of my life. Expressing myself through my own nail art and makeup is something I thoroughly enjoy.
I am a positive and optimistic individual who thrives on meeting new people and sharing stories.
My motto has always been to turn life into a masterpiece.
4. Your most recent project.
Recently, I organized a graffiti workshop for school children through my startup, Visualeyes. It was
a fascinating experience to engage with young minds and introduce them to the world of graffiti.
5. Your most favourite project that you've enjoyed working on.
As I work on a diverse range of projects, spanning from fashion to art, each one brings its own
unique excitement. I find new challenges and projects equally stimulating, constantly fueling my
passion for creativity.




I learnt it back when I was in school. A close friend of mine inspired me to revive this skill a year ago and has taught me new ways of doing it and working with my hands- creating new products everyday I’m just loving it all over again.

Biography is-
Born, raised & settled in Bangalore, I’m a happy homemaker who loves anything to do with cooking , gardening and craft which sparks so much joy into my life . It’s been a passion to create things in my own way. I have embroidered more than a dozen bed covers & table cloths with so many different types of stitches. I like to challenge myself once I have learnt a new skill and implement it in many ways.

My most recent project was to get into collaboration with Dyeve which was very exciting and challenging because I’d never used such thin yarn where I had to make a lace for the loops. Earlier I had only used wool which is much thicker and very easy to make items with.

My most favourite project was just when I had started crocheting. I went to Kerala for a getaway and here I came up with a combination to make a project of granny squares. I had to make around 50 of them and the joy of making them was immense. I managed to finish within a month , crocheted them all together, made some tassels and voila! I had a table runner for myself.




1. A brief explanation about your art.
My Art describes the nature of imagination and reality being recognized into one medium.
Expressing the fame and culture of loopholes and the fashion industry, I created something that
strikes you visually but also captures aesthetics and visual attraction
2. Your biography.
Through my art, I embark on a creative exploration that transcends boundaries and invites
viewers into a world of imagination, emotion, and reflection. With each brushstroke, pencil line,
or digital stroke, I strive to capture the essence of the human experience and translate it onto
the canvas, paper, or digital medium.
3. A small paragraph about your personality.
I love making art on the daily. Exploring new things and living in the moment.
4. Your most recent project.
A 3d Render striking visuals
5. Your most favorite project that you've enjoyed working on.
Creating a 6 foot painting with acrylic paint and oil pastels

gillo mustafa



This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

Nakul_Portrait Photo.JPG



Concept note for artwork:

As a graphic designer, I go through hundreds of different images, texts in

various fonts and a combination of these images and text everyday. And

because it’s part of my job, I’m conscious of it. But everyone else around me

also go through this overwhelming overload of text and images on a daily basis

either consciously or subconsciously - through advertisements - TV, Internet,

Social Media, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers. It’s everywhere similar to an


I wanted the artwork to be both photography and illustration - as a result,

It consists of an illustration of a mutant centipede-like creature with eyes

coming out of its sides, set against a collage of photographs of advertisements,

billboards, torn movie posters, painted political campaigns and such that I have

been photographing for over a year.

About the artist:

I’m Nakul, a graphic designer and photographer based in Bengaluru. I was born

and raised in the city. I finished my bachelor’s in graphic design 3 years ago

and have been working as a graphic designer and freelance photographer ever

since. I’m into westerns, retro sci-fi and horror films, jazz, hardcore punk and

heavy metal - most of my freelance work involves creating graphics and

artwork for bands and musicians while also documenting the music scene in

Bengaluru. I also like to experiment with sounds and noise.

Most recent project:

All of my recent projects have been photography related as I have shifted my

focus toward photography and photographic processes. My most recent one

was a personal project where I made a photo book (different from a photo

album) documenting my grandmother and her house in Kochi

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